Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why was DressCode created?

    So your friend who's never dressed right for the club no longer has an excuse, especially if they have an Android or iPhone.

    Does DressCode include bars?

    We typically look for atmospheres with DJs. So, yeah. not really. maybe

    How much does DressCode cost?

    Free in the AppStore or Google Play... Who pays for apps?

    The app will not open on my Apple product. What's up?

    Make sure you have the latest IOS. If your iPhone is earlier than 3GS, you're probably still ironing your bell bottoms.

    How do I update the App's info manually?

    Hit the menu key on the homescreen. The option is available there. This is only available to Android devices.

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    Is there a character limit when commenting?

    Speak your mind. Your comments are important, so just keep it under 140

    Why was my comment from last week erased?

    Hit refresh. After 30 days, we may take it down to keep it fresh.

    How are abusive comments dealt with?

    Wild dogs, black ops, helicopters and an ocean. Then we delete the comment.

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    How accurate are the dress codes?

    The accuracy of the dress codes is checked every 1-2 months. The DressCodes are accurate, but your style and swag will determine entry

    There’s a club missing from DressCode’s list. How can I get it added?

    Oops. Please send an email to with the name of the club and the city. We'll take care of the rest.

    How do I use the keyword search?

    Try searching for neighborhoods, club names, club types, and VIP services. with more to come

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    Your location

    In order to provide you with directions to the clubs and to show available clubs near you, we kinda need this.

    Network communication

    We use this protocol so that the app can talk to our server to update club information. Also this is used so you can comment and interact with other users.

    Phone calls

    This gives you the ability to call the clubs directly from the app.


    No one likes downloading the same thing over and over again. We cache it so you dont have to.

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    DressCode Key